Recap Edit

The PCs begin their adventure in the Walking Elk Inn, in Cullfield.

In the inn they met two guards talking about the current situation in Cullfield. The guards informed the PCs that two out of five wells of Cullfield were corrupted by an unknown force and they sent the PCs the mayor of Cullfield for more information.

Gimly, the dwarf, stayed in the inn to enjoy his beer and the company of the local folk. While drinking he heard rumours of a monster in the northwestern swamp. The monster was eating local cows and attacking any villagers foolish enough to approach the swamp.

While on Cullfield, they learn that:

  • two of the wells were corrupted by an unknown force.
  • a swamp monster is living in the north-west of the town.
  • a shipment of iron was lost on its way to Cullfield.