Standard Actions Edit

  • Administer a potion.
  • Aid another - Improve an ally's attack roll, defense, skill check, or ability check.
  • Basic attack
  • Bull rush - Push a target 1m and shift into the vacated position.
  • Charge - Move and then make a melee attack and a bull rush. +1 bonus to attack roll.
  • Coup de grace - Make a critical hit against a helpless enemy.
  • Grab - Grab an enemy.
  • Ready an action - Ready an action to perform when a specified trigger occurs.
  • Second wind - Spend a healing surge and gain a bonus on defense. +2 Bonus on all Defenses (Once per encounter).
  • Total defense - Gain a +2 bonus to all your defenses until the start of your next turn.

Move Actions Edit

  • Crawl - While prone, move up to half your speed.
  • Escape - Escape a grab and shift.
  • Run - Move up to your speed +2; grant combat advantage until next turn.
  • Stand up - Stand up from prone.
  • Shift - Move 1m without provoking opportunity attacks.
  • Squeeze - Reduce your space by 1, move up to half your speed, and grant combat advantage.
  • Walk - Move up to your speed.

Minor Actions Edit

  • Drink a potion
  • Drop prone - Drop down so that you are lying on the ground.
  • Load a crossbow - Load a crossbow so that you can fire it.
  • Open or close a door
  • Pick up an item - Pick up an object in your space or in an unoccupied space within reach.

Immediate Action Edit

  • Readied action - Take your readied action when its trigger occurs.

Opportunity Action Edit

  • Opportunity attack - Make a melee basic attack against an enemy that provokes an opportunity attack.

Free Actions Edit

  • Drop held items
  • End a grab - Let go of an enemy.
  • Spend an action point - Spend an action point to take an extra action. (Once per encounter, not in a surprise round)
  • Talk - Speak a few sentences.

No Action Edit

  • Delay - Put off your turn until later in the initiative order.