"You'll have to deal with me first, dragon!"

Fighter Player's Handbook

Class Overview Edit

Characteristics: You are extremely tough, with a great Armor Class and lots of hit points. You have extraordinary resilience against physical attacks. You don't have much ability to fight at range, but you excel in melee combat. You have special abilities that make it dangerous for enemies to ignore you, so you can contain foes and keep them away from your friends.

Religion: Fighters naturally favor deities of war, combat, adventure, or valor.

Races: Fighters come from all races. Dragonborn, dwarves, and humans are the most common fighters.

Class Traits Edit

Role: Defender. You are very tough and have the exceptional ability to contain enemies in melee.

Power Source: Martial. You have become a master of combat through endless hours of practice, determination, and your own sheer physical toughness.

Key Abilities: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom.

Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, leather, hide, chainmail. scale, light shield, heavy shield.

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple melee, military melee, simple ranged, military ranged.

Bonus to Defense: +2 Fortitude.

Hit Points at First Level: 15 + Constitution score.

Healing Surges per Day: 9 + Constitution modifier.

Trained Skills: From the list below choose three trained skills at the 1st level.

  • Athletics (Str)
  • Endurance (Con)
  • Heal (Wis)
  • Intimidate (Cha)
  • Streetwise (Cha)

Class Lore Edit

Fighters are determined combat adepts trained to protect the other members of their groups.They define the front line by bashing and slicing foes into submission while reflecting enemy attacks though the use of heavy armor. Fighters draw weapons for gold, for glory, for duty, and for the mere joy of unrestrained martial exercise.

Regardless of your level of skill and the specific weapons you eventually master, your motivations determine who you defend and who you slay. You could be a noble champion who pledges your blade to gallant causes, a calculating mercenary who cares more for the clink of gold than praise, a homeless prince on the run from assassins, or a blood-loving thug looking for the next good fight.

Class Archetypes Edit

Great Weapon Fighter: You are interested in dealing out the most damage you can. You prefer big two-handed weapons such as greatsword or greataxe. You are more interested in fighting hard what fighting smart. Your best ability score is definitely Strength. A good Constitution improves your ability to use high damage weapons, Plus, extra hit points always help.
Guardian Fighter: To fight better, you fight smarter. You are willing to trade offense for superior defenses and better ability to control the battlefield around you. You fight with a heavy shield and a good one-handed weapon, such as a longsword. Like the great weapon fighter, you make Strength you best ability score. After that, you prioritize your Dexterity to take advantage of weapons or your Wisdom to make the most of the combat superiority class features. You are hard to hurt and hard to move away from.